Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much cannabis am I personally allowed to have?

An adult in Canada can possess up to 30 grams of legal produced dried cannabis. Canadian government has assigned ratios for other products of cannabis that can be utilized to determine a limit for possession for those products.

One gram of dried cannabis is equal to –

1 cannabis plant seed

70 g of liquid product

15 g of edible product

5 g of fresh cannabis

Q: Difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD are both forms of cannabinoids that can be derived from the cannabis plant. They are different in several ways that may impact your next purchase. THC is defined by what cannabis makes you feel. However, you cannot feel the CBD effects. One vital difference is that, unlike THC, CBD will not make you intoxicated or stoned. That is the reason why most people prefer CBD.

CBD can block THC’s intoxicating effects. When it binds to the cannabinoid receptors, it will keep THC from activating those receptors. So, the intensity of the psychoactive effect is less. The products which have a combination of CBD and THC are best for the ones who are taking it for the ones who are taking it for the first time.

High doses of CBD may lead to a highly relaxing experience.  

Please take the advice of your doctor.

Q: How much Cannabis can I Grow at Home?

You can cultivate up to 4 plants in your home which equals to 4 plants total in each household. Some provinces can limit whether or how you may grow at home. There can be some limitations if you happen to rent or live in a Condo. These restrictions may be due to your landlord.

Q: What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that can stimulate the CB1 receptor in the brain and this results in a spectrum of effects and benefits.

If you opt for a THC-dominant strain it will provide you the intoxicating high that is popular in pop culture. The psychoactive effect is usually balanced. There are changes in perspectives and it gives a euphoric feeling.

If you a choose a strain that is CBD-dominant it will provide you a grounded kind of body experience. This cannabinoid is not psychoactive. It is desirable for those who have THC sensitivities. It has less psychoactive effects.

When you opt for a strain that has THC and CBD balanced, it will systemize the overall effects of each cannabinoid. CBD can cushion the CB1 adaptor in the brain. It softens the psychoactive effects of THC.

Q: How do I find out if I am Eligible for Delivery?

Delivery is only available in select provinces. You may call our customer care and enquire whether you are eligible for delivery or not at your desired location.

We do not deliver to businesses so make sure you use a residential postal code.

Q: Where does the cannabis you sell come from?

All our excellent cannabis products are bought from Licensed Canadian producers regulated by the federal government. This makes sure that the cannabis your buy is safe, regulated and a high-quality product.

Q: How will my order be packaged?

All our cannabis products come in childproof and discrete packaging with standard messaging and logos.

Q: Why are you asking for my personal details?

We require your personal information to verify you are 18 or above 18 years of age. This is a pivotal aspect of our mission to keep cannabis out of reach of children and youth.

Q: Will you Store my Information?

We only store information that helps us to serve you in a better manner like your name, physical and email addresses, date of birth and age verification and status. We also store your purchase history, password recovery answers and account password.

Q: Where is my Information Stored?

We store your vital information in our secure data centre where access is limited to only the administrator with the password.

Q: How do I know if I have taken too much Cannabis?

If you begin to feel paranoid or experience delusions or feel shaky or just too high, there are chances that you have consumed in excess. This may happen if you have taken a larger dose and if you are new to cannabis.

Q: Can I Overdose?

Yes, you can. Symptoms of overdose are disorientation, fainting, dizziness, or confusion. If you feel you have overdosed, please call your healthcare expert in case you experience panic attacks, seizures, or chest pain.

Q: What is the safest way to Consume Cannabis?

Consuming cannabis may have some risks, but a very harmful method is smoking. Cannabis smoke may affect your respiratory system. The other ways such as oil or edibles have their risks but are highly preferred as compared to smoking. The effects of these methods are delayed so it is pivotal to wait until you feel your first dose before you consume more.

Q: I have a medical question regarding the use of cannabis.

Talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner for medical advice.

Q: Why Order from our Online Cannabis Store?

Here at HighVibeCannabis, we provide our esteemed customers with excellent quality Cannabis products at an affordable price. Our online store has exquisite varieties of best cannabis products.

Q: Do you acccept Credit Cards?

No, we accept an e-Transfer only as the payment method.

Q: Do you offer discrete shipping?

All our orders are packaged and shipped in a discreet manner. There is no reference regarding the content and the sender.

Q: Transportation Laws (car, domestic flight, international)

Cannabis consumption: Consuming cannabis in a motor vehicle is not legal. However, you can consume it in an RV.

Within Canada, you can transport cannabis in a vehicle, but it must be in a closed packaging, and it must not be within the driver’s reach or within the reach of the occupants.

Travelling with recreational cannabis is allowed in Canada and its provinces but it must be bought from a licensed retailer or it can be grown in your home.

International travel with recreational cannabis is not allowed.

Tourists who buy recreational cannabis in Canada are not allowed to take it across federal borders.

To carry any cannabis or weed across the borders of Canada is a criminal offence.

Q: What strain or product is good for sleep, anxiety, depression, etc?

This is considered as medical advice by Health Canada. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

Q: How do I deal with over-consuming or greening out?

We advise that you start low and go slow. In case you find yourself greening out, don’t worry. It will pass. You can chew black peppercorn to relax or calm your mind. Everyone has experienced this and it will gradually pass off with time.

Q: What cannabis products are available for Purchase?

The product formats available for buying are CBD, Concentrate, Accessories, Edibles, Flower, THC, Infused Candy Edible packs and Bong Silicone and Glass,

Q: How do you consume legal cannabis products?

After buying legal cannabis products, you may consume them by:

  • Joint pipes, bongs, Smoking
  • Breathing in dried cannabis via a vaping device
  • Ingesting: Capsules which consist of cannabis oil
  • Eating or Drinking: Homemade edibles made from cannabis oil or dried cannabis
Q: What are the variations between Cannabis species?

The cannabis species you consume does not exhibit the varying effects that you may experience. So, indica does not cause any chills in you. Sativa does not energize you. Irrespective of the species, it is a unique strain that is a blend of the cannabinoids and terpenes that gets you in the habit.

Terms such as Sativa or Indica are finest used to classify the different climate, origins, and growth patterns of each variety.

Q: Can I order Delivery in all locations in Canada or surrounding areas?

We offer same-day delivery at all locations in Canada. Deliveries will be at your door instantly within two hours. You need to choose your preferred option at checkout.

Q: What is the difference between Marijuana, Cannabis, weed or reefer?

There is no such difference between weed, marijuana, and reefer. These are just some terms used for cannabis over the years. We stick with cannabis on

Q: How will my order be shipped?

HighVibeCannabis delivers directly to your door via Canada Post. Every shipment needs a signature from someone who is above 18 years of age upon delivery.

Q: Where do you ship to?

We only ship within Canada.

Q: What does shipping cost?

We provide a $10 flat-fee shipping cost across Canada. However, for orders over $80, we provide free shipping.

Q: How long does shipping take?

Your order will arrive on your doorstep within just 1-3 business days. We provide discrete packaging in airtight packages so that your cannabis products have not tampered with and are fresh.

Q: Do I Require a Prescription?

You do not need a prescription to buy recreational cannabis. If you wish to buy medical cannabis, you may speak to your healthcare expert for information regarding how to buy from a licensed producer.

Q: Do various methods of consuming cannabis produce different “highs”?

Yes. Smoking is an instant way to feel the effects and it is the quickest method to wear off. Drinking or eating takes a bit longer to take effect but you need to feel it for long hours.

Q: How long do Cannabis effects last?

The effects differ and this depends on how you choose to consume. When you smoke cannabis, you can feel the high instantly and it can last for many hours.

When you swallow it, it takes between 30 minutes to two hours, and you can start feeling the effects. It may take 4 hours to feel its complete effects. It is advised you wait for four hours before consuming more as it can lessen the risk of taking a lot of cannabis. These effects may last for more than 12 hours.

Q: Is Cannabis addictive?

Yes. If you use cannabis regularly, it may lead to psychological dependence, where you are having a craving for it and you start feeling anxious about when you will start using it again. It is pivotal for you to consume it moderately and in a responsible manner. Long term use of cannabis can lead to the risk of dependence.

Q: Do you ship outside Canada?

No, we ship only within Canada.

Q: How do you ship packages

All orders are shipped via Canada Post.

Q: I have paid for my order, but its on hold

Sometimes we receive cross shipments from laboratories. So, there is a one percent chance that you may have an additional 24-hour delay in your order.

Q: How do you ship packages?

All orders are shipped via Canada Post.